When you’re involved in an accident or your car sustains body damage, it’s important to stay mindful of the situation and always ask questions if you are concerned about what is going on. Upon arriving at a panel beater repair shop there are some specific questions you probably have and answers you are seeking. While there is never any shortage of questions that need answering, these are the most frequently asked questions about panel beater smash repairs that we receive on a regular basis.

  1. Can you match the paint colour?
  2. If the frame is damaged, is the car going to be a write off?
  3. How long will the repair take?
  4. How do I get home?
  5. Is there a warranty on the work?
  6. How do I know my car is done?
  7. Who do I pay my deductible to?

You’ll find the questions again and our expert answers below.

Q: Can you match the paint colour?

A: Most factory finishes now utilise multiple coats of specialised paints. However, with the appropriate information from the car factory and a computerised paint mixing system, it is possible to ensure every replacement panel installed by a panel beater is capable of matching the previous paint job perfectly.

Q: If the car structure is damaged, is the car going to be a write off?

A: The car is not a write off if the repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle. You might need to check with your insurance company; depending on the cost of the repairs, but more than likely, general frame damage is not going to mean your car is totaled. It is also possible with today’s modern vehicles, to return the car back to its pre-accident condition. Even if the frame section is bent seemingly beyond repair, it is possible to just replace it without the car being a complete write off.

Q: How long will the repairs take?

A: The repair time does vary, depending on the panel beater and the amount of damage sustained to your car. You are going to receive an estimate before dropping off the car, so you know how much time to expect it to be in the shop. Of course, it is necessary to remember this is only an estimate. It is possible for the repair to take longer, should additional damage be detected. You should always be notified of any additional issues located on the vehicle, so you can plan accordingly. After all, you need to know when to return a rental car and for how long to keep a replacement vehicle, should you have one.

Q: How do I get home one I’ve dropped my car off?

A: The panel beater repair shop should always offer rides back to your home, work or other location you need to be. This way, you can perform other necessary tasks by being dropped off by the garage. No matter what time you stop by with the vehicle, it is possible to be taken to your next necessary stop.

Q: Is there a warranty on the repair work?

A: There should always be a warranty on the parts used and the work performed. Sometimes, you just don’t know if the work is done correctly until after you start driving it. This is especially the case if you sustained frame damage and the body repair shop had to work on the frame. Should the repairs fail to correct your damaged vehicle, everything should have a warranty on it.

Q: How do I know my car is finished?

A: You will be notified by the panel beater when your vehicle is done and ready to be picked up. You are free to call the panel repair shop for updates on what is going on and for any questions or concerns you might have. If you are unable to pick up the vehicle when it is finished, you are more than welcome to stop by the following day. This way, you can inspect the vehicle in the sunlight and make sure the panel installation is performed correctly and everything is back to pre-accident condition.

Q: Who do I pay my excess to?

A: If you have an insurance excess to pay, it is up to you to pay the panel repair shop. Generally, you pay the the deductible when you pick up the vehicle.  Your insurance handles the rest of the work, although you might need to contact them to make sure you know what the excess amount is.

There are many different questions or concerns you might have when taking your damaged vehicle into a panel beaters. It is always important to ask any and all questions you have, as it is better to stay informed than to simply assume or be left wondering. Even if you have a question after you drop the car off, feel free to contact the garage with your questions. After all, it is your vehicle and your money, so you have every right to know what is going on and to have your questions answered. While these are the most common questions, you might have others as well, so never hesitate to ask your panel beater these questions.

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