Panel Beating

We use a range of techniques to restore the shape of the body and/or chassis of a car, after it has been damaged.

It can involve anything from a very minor amount of work to major structural re alignment.

We also use a range of procedures including filling gaps with materials such as fibre glass, through to replacement of sections of body work. Often with modern cars it is deemed easier to simply replace whole sections of bodywork.

Spray Painting

DM Panel Repairs can repair any surface from metal work to fibre glass repairs with a fresh coat of 2 pac metallic and any colour paint you like. Custom colours - Candy's pearls - Metallic flakes.

We paint machinery and other large items.  No job too big or small.

We can re-spray your car, boat, trailer, machinery, furniture plus more.

Vehicle Restoration

We combine all of our quality services to provide a complete restoration of your vehicle.

With this DM Panel Repairs can fully customise, keep original look, or any look that you may be after. The result is a car / boat / caravan fully restored the way you like.

Rust Repairs

Many older cars and vans suffer from damaging and unsightly rust.

At DM Panel Repairs we can add years to the life of your car. By properly fixing your cars rust.
We are experts in Rust Repairs, depending on your budget we can tailor your car rust repairs. A high value vehicle may require replacement of effected areas or wielding in areas of steel plate as required.

We can finish of your car rust repair with a rust preventative coating to extend the life of your vehicle.

Spot Repairs

Our Spot repair system allows us to touch-up and spot repair paint chips and scratches using several different application methods depending upon the type of damage.

Chassis Straightening

Our workshop has modern panel beating equipment that can align and measure your car chassis.

We use and favour the Auto Robot Chassis Alignment System and Car Bench which both provide a superb accurate platform to repair and straighten your damaged vehicles chassis or body.

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